Synopsis: Double Feature: BLACK ORPHEUS (ORFEU NEGRO), 1959, Janus Films, 100 min. Dropped into the Rio de Janeiro slums during the annual Carnaval festival, Orpheus drives a trolley and is engaged to marry Mira, for whom the wedding cannot come soon enough. But Orpheus is a lover-of-women who can’t be tied down - until he meets Eurydice. Sparks fly immediately, but Eurydice is having troubles of her own, menaced by a mysterious man in a skeleton costume as well as the jealous Mira. In Portuguese with English subtitles.

SANSHO THE BAILIFF (SANSHO DAYU), 1954, Janus Films, 120 min. Dir. Kenji Mizoguchi. In medieval Japan, a noble family is splintered when the father, the compassionate provincial governor, is exiled. The mother is sold into prostitution and the son and daughter shipped to the slave labor camp of oppressive Sansho the Bailiff. One of Mizoguchi’s most enduring classics. In Japanese with English subtitles.