Synopsis: Double Feature: METROPOLIS, 1927, 153 min. Fritz Lang's early science fiction masterpiece takes place in a future metropolis divided into two halves: a land of luxury for the rich and powerful and a subterranean nightmare for the poor workers who keep the city running. When a son of privilege falls for worker-turned-revolutionary Maria and discovers the hellish conditions underground, he tries to fix things, only to come up against evil genius Rotwang - who creates a "fake" Maria in order to manipulate her followers.

DARK CITY, 1998, 100 min. Alien "Strangers" whose world is dying collect a group of humans to study what makes them tick, but one man, Murdoch (Rufus Sewell), proves resistant to the experiments and goes on the run, pursued by detective Bumstead (William Hurt) as he falls in love with torch singer Emma (Jennifer Connelly).