Synopsis: Double Feature: 80th Anniversary! DUCK SOUP, 1933, Universal, 68 min. Dir. Leo McCarey. Margaret Dumont appoints Groucho as Prime Minister of Freedonia, and he promptly declares war on a neighboring country for no particular reason. With the legendary mirror sequence and Harpo and Chico’s mercurial harassing of the lemonade vendor.

MONKEY BUSINESS, 1931, Universal, 77 min. Dir. Norman Z. McLeod. The Marx Brothers’ first original screenplay - by S.J. Perelman and an uncredited Ben Hecht, among others - is perhaps their most bizarre (and the only one in which they have no character names). They’re stowaways on an ocean liner, wreaking havoc and getting mixed up with rival gangsters as well as Thelma Todd. Includes the famous scene where all four try to get through customs by pretending to be Maurice Chevalier. Introduction by Groucho Marx’s grandson, Andy Marx.