Synopsis: Double Feature: Los Angeles Premiere! HELTER SKELTER (HERUTA SUKERUTA), 127 min. Lilico is Japan’s top model. She is also, with the exception of her fingernails and a couple of other parts, entirely fake, created with plastic surgery at the behest of her manager. As her body begins to deteriorate, Lilico lashes out at her social circle, and when a prosecutor finds evidence of medical malpractice in similar surgeries, the supermodel’s life really takes a nosedive. Based on Kyoko Okazaki’s award-winning manga. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Los Angeles Premiere! THERMAE ROMAE (TERUMAE ROMAE), 108 min. Lucius is an architect in 2nd-century Rome who comes across a time-travel portal while unwinding in one of his bathhouses. Promptly whisked away to a bathhouse in present-day Tokyo, Lucius marvels at the modern bath culture of the Japanese; when he returns to ancient Rome, he revolutionizes bathhouse design to public acclaim.