Synopsis: Double Feature: ROMANCING THE STONE, 1984, 20th Century Fox, 106 min. Dir. Robert Zemeckis. Mild-mannered author Joan Wikder (Kathleen Turner) suddenly finds herself at the center of an adventure right out of one of her own romance novels when her sister is kidnapped. Joan flies to Colombia, where she meets dashing exporter Jack Colton (Michael Douglas) and finds love and intrigue as she hunts for the hidden treasure at the center of her sister's kidnapping plot.

Archival Print! USED CARS, 1980, Sony Repertory, 113 min. Dir. Robert Zemeckis. Used-car salesman (Kurt Russell) will do anything to hold onto his lot and make a sale. Jack Warden gives one of the best performances of his career as twin brothers who own rival dealerships where the gimmicks become increasingly outrageous as the competition escalates.