Synopsis: Double Feature: Los Angeles Premiere! KRYPTONITE! (LA KRYPTONITE NELLA BORSA), 2011, Rai Trade Department, 98 min. Nine-year-old Peppino narrates the ups and downs of his blue-collar family, centered on the boy's philandering father, while his older siblings experiment with bra burning, hallucinogens and lesbian love-ins, even in the wake of his mother sinking into debilitating depression. In Italian with English subtitles.

Los Angeles Premiere! ONE DAY MORE (IL GIORNO IN PIU), 2011, Rai Trade Department, 111 min. Director Massimo Venier's winning nod to classic American romantic comedies follows 30-something manchild Giacomo, freshly dumped by his exasperated girlfriend. In order to dodge the unwanted advances of his boss' daughter, Giacomo invents an imaginary relationship based on an eye-contact flirtation with a young woman he sees daily on the subway, calling her Agnese. In Italian with English subtitles.