Synopsis: 4-Film Marathon! THE MUMMY’S HAND, 1940, 67 min. The first of Universal’s MUMMY sequels returns to Egypt, as Indiana Jones-style adventurer Dick Foran squares off against nefarious George Zucco and the immortal mummy Kharis.

70th Anniversary! THE MUMMY’S TOMB, 1942, 60 min. Foran, Zucco and Ford return for this atmospheric and fast-paced sequel set thirty years after THE MUMMY’S HAND. Here Lon Chaney Jr. debuts in the role of Kharis.

THE MUMMY’S GHOST, 1944, 61 min. In this installment, Chaney is joined by fellow horror great John Carradine, who plays a high priest charged with returning Kharis and the body of Ananka to Egypt. But the plan goes haywire when it turns out Ananka has been reincarnated as a beautiful young woman (Ramsay Ames).

THE MUMMY’S CURSE, 1944, 62 min. The final film with Lon Chaney Jr. as the undead Kharis shifts the action to the Louisiana bayou.