Synopsis: Double Feature: 70mm! TOP GUN, 1986, Paramount, 110 min. Dir. Tony Scott. Tom Cruise’s cocky novice pilot must grow up and hone his chops as a fighter ace while wooing flight instructor Kelly McGillis and bumping heads with hard-as-nails rival Val Kilmer.

70mm! DAYS OF THUNDER, 1990, Paramount, 107 min. The TOP GUN team of producers Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer, director Tony Scott and star Tom Cruise reunited for this high-octane drama set in the world of auto racing. Cruise plays a hotshot rookie recruited to drive for a NASCAR team under the tutelage of Robert Duvall; Nicole Kidman plays a doctor who falls in love with the young racer after a crash.

Evening hosted by director Joe Carnahan, with other special guests TBA.