Synopsis: Val Lewton & Jacques Tourneur Double Feature: 70th Anniversary! CAT PEOPLE, 1942, Warner Bros., 73 min. Dir. Jacques Tourneur. Serbian immigrant Irena (Simone Simon) can’t bring herself to bed new husband Oliver (Kent Smith) for fear she will transform into a cat, as her homeland’s fables warn. When hubby sends her to a psychiatrist, Irena’s problems only worsen, until her demons come clawing and growling to the surface.

I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE, 1943, Warner Bros., 69 min. Dir. Jacques Tourneur. Canadian nurse Betsy (Frances Dee) travels to the Caribbean’s Dutch-colonized Saint Sebastian Island to care for the comatose wife of sugar baron Paul Holland (Tom Conway). But Betsy’s exotic new surroundings begin to have a seductive stranglehold on her and the young woman is increasingly drawn into the island’s native voodoo cult. Special ticket pricing: $5 for seniors!