Synopsis: This shorts program heralds the work of industry heavyweights, cinema pioneers, actresses-turned-directors, festival darlings, and the brightest stars emerging from film school. Program compiled by Andrew P. Crane, Kim Adelman, and Andrea Richards. Jennifer Aniston and Andrea Buchanan's "Room 10" (USA, 2006, 18 min). Robin Wright Penn and Kris Kristofferson headline this dramatic ER encounter. Sophie Barthes's "Happiness" (USA, 2006, 11 min); Mira Nair's "Migration" (India, 2007, 17 min); Valerie Faris & Jonathan Dayton's "Sexual Revolution" (USA, 2001, 5 min). The LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE helmers’ music video for Macy Gray. Hilary Goldberg's "In the Spotlight" (USA, 2007, 11 min); Michelle Hung's "Chinese Dumplings" (USA, 2006, 8 min); Mariam Jobrani's "The Fighting Cholitas" (Bolivia/USA, 2006, 20 min); Lois Weber's "How Men Propose" (USA, 1913, 6 min); Sarah Wickliffe's "Art's Desire" (USA, 2006, 5 min). A 2007 Student Oscar-winner.