Synopsis: Double Feature: Los Angeles Premiere! THE ENTREPRENEUR (L'INDUSTRIALE), 2011, Rai Trade Department, 94 min. Factory owner Nicola is too proud to ask his uber-wealthy wife Laura or his mother-in-law to help refinance his direly wanting company, but his stubbornness and secrecy begin to strain his marriage. When Laura becomes friendly with a local garage attendant, Nicola worries he'll be made a cuckold if he can't solve his financial woes soon. In Italian with English subtitles.

Los Angeles Premiere! MAGNIFICA PRESENZA, 2012, Fandango Portobello, 105 min. Elio Germano stars as Pietro, a 20-something gay pastry chef and would-be actor who happens to live with a former theater troupe of dramatic, hand-wringing ghosts in his new apartment in Rome. As Pietro tries to co-exist with his Grand Guignol roommates, he learns of their unsettling history, which came to a blunt, mysterious end in 1943. In Italian with English subtitles.