• Release Date: April 16, 2012
  • Director: Heidi Sullivan
  • Genre: Comedy

Synopsis: The Boston International Film Festival presents Session 17 -
Will & Fiona 3 min 
Why aren’t you married?” The question stalked Ashley for years. Amusing, unflinchingly honest, and deeply profound, this ultimately inspiring documentary follows one woman’s journey of self-exploration from full-on panic over being single to her epiphany that she does not have to get married; that her single life and all the many relationships in it are worth celebrating - in style. Ashley hosts the legendary “AshBash”, inviting 200 guests to the wedding reception she never had. Ashley toasts herself (“I know, I know - there’s only a 50% chance this is going to work out”), lives out her dream of playing piano with a live band, and experiences her “first dance” - a hip-hop number she performs with her sister. Standing the traditional happy ending on its head, the film salutes the power of possibility, connection, and joy.