• Genre: Documentary, Music/Performing Arts

Synopsis: CLEVELAND’S SCREAMING¸ 2006, Hardcore Zen Films, 87 min. Produced and directed by Brad Warner. CLEVELAND’S SCREAMING gives viewers an intimate shot-on-video portrait of one of the nation's many local hardcore scenes by focusing on the colorful characters who built their own local punk rock movement in a time and place where looking and thinking different could get you killed.

SCREAMING MASTERPIECE, 2006, Milan Entertainment, 85 min. Dir. Ari Alexander Ergis. Icelandic music hit the international scene with Björk and The Sugarcubes, and more bands and solo acts have followed suit. High in the North-Atlantic, the Icelanders have whiled away the long, dark centuries patiently honing their caustic humor, their eccentric melodies and ancient poetry. The old music, handed down from medieval times, is one of the secrets to the Icelanders’ unique sound. We follow the acts from their home in Iceland as they tour the world, from New York to Tokyo and beyond.