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5 Reasons Why Gravity Should Win Best Picture

By: Phil Pirrello on February 13, 2014 at 12:28PM Comments (0)

Genre fare, especially sci-fi, rarely gets the respect it deserves from the Oscars. But thanks to Gravity, the Academy just might have a change of heart.

Alfonso Cuaron’s thrilling space drama scored 10 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture – stealing thunder from front-runner 12 Years a Slave, which received nine nods.

As the countdown to Oscar continues, it’s all but a sure thing that the Sandra Bullock starrer will have to make room on its mantle for Hollywood’s most coveted price. Here are five reasons why Gravity should take home the Best Picture Oscar.

1. Critics and Audiences Love it

Like all great genre fare, Gravity succeeds because it’s more than just spectacle – it grounds its big-budget set pieces in human-sized themes. It’s a story about hope, about how to turn death into a fighting chance to live. While the film’s groundbreaking scope and special effects brought in audiences on opening weekend, the film’s emotional core is what brought them back. With high ratings on both Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes, along with a worldwide box office haul approaching $700 million, Gravity’s deserved popularity puts it on track for Oscar history.

2. The Director Is Overdue

Alfonso Cuaron’s first trip to sci-fi was the criminally underrated Children of Men. That film showcased Cuaron’s effortless capacity for telling emotionally driven tales, an ability he took to bar-raising levels in Gravity. The film’s on-screen star power in Sandra Bullock and George Clooney is bolstered by equally impressive talent behind the camera, ensuring that Gravity could sweep both the technical and major Oscar categories.

3. The PGAs Put It Firmly on the Road to Oscar

In an unprecedented move, Gravity tied with 12 Years a Slave for the win. In the last six years, no movie has won the Best Picture Oscar without first taking home the PGA’s highest honor. Despite American Hustle’s 10 Oscar nods, it looks like the race will come down to Gravity and Slave in a dead heat.

4. It Will Make History

No movie set entirely in space has ever won Best Picture. The only thing Oscar loves more than making exceptions is setting a precedent while doing so. While more traditional sci-fi fare like Star Wars or Avatar score nominations but ultimately settle for “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” status, Gravity is poised to make history and help the Academy be more receptive to future sci-fi of this caliber.

5. It’s Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen

Think about the last few Best Picture winners. As effective as The Artist and The King’s Speech are, they barely register in pop-culture discussions the way they did during their respective awards sweeps. The same can’t be said for Gravity. This film delivered what few what few modern films do – an experience that stays with you long after the credits.

Should Gravity beat all comers this year? Comment below.

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