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Tweets About Some Girl(s)

QueCocoLoco There's something kind of adorable about Adam Brody and @IMKristenBell's performance was awesome & intense! #SomeGirls

463 days ago.

koreyo19 And in case anyone was wondering, I was gonna watch SOME GIRLS because I love Adam Brody and Neil LaBute, and then MUD and THE BLING RING.

480 days ago.

TheNicoleMacedo @FightOnNicole Some Girls. It was starring Adam Brody

484 days ago.

PopSubstance Watching Some Girls and I still don't get what everyone saw in Adam Brody, simple ass white boy.

495 days ago.

OuaterBox I have to confess that I didn't know who Kristen Bell was before Some Girls. Hats off to this girl and her voice #Frozen #Disney

501 days ago.

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