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Tweets About Hercules (2014)

Brandi ✿ Im really picky when it comes to movies about Greek/Roman Myths and Ancient Rome but I loved the Hercules movie @TheRock is in.

16 minutes ago.

Colleen Glatzel Not fully sure, but I'm pretty sure the dude behind me at the gym was Hercules, intent on crushing the elliptical w/ his intense man thighs.

27 minutes ago.

Josh Farrington Somehow ended up watching The Rock's Hercules. No one told me it was a post-modern take on Hercules feat Mark Strong AND John Hurt. YES.

2 hours ago.

oneuntakenname @Goons_TXT The other thing he was talking about was Disney's Hercules.

2 hours ago.

Cagnetevi Dossinonci @Madchester1990 Told you it was good. I should have pushed your trolley down there!

2 hours ago.

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