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Tweets About Getaway

TekGeekHD Just watched GetAway, anyone who likes cars, or speed, or Shelby Cobras needs to watch it! :)

492 days ago.

ImWithTheRusso @Getaway is the most perfect movie I have ever watched.

492 days ago.

TheTerboh @KingGilder @SonikBlast thats also how i watched Getaway on my birthday this year

492 days ago.

LittleManDon @The_LikkleOne Just like how #SelenaGomez will always be that cute lil girl from Disney, I Watched Getaway and was shocked...

492 days ago.

wordsbydan Getaway with Ethan Hawke was okay. I didn't know what a Selena Gomez was before I saw that, so that is information I have now.

492 days ago.

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