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78% positive
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WesLaurie #OnlyGodForgives I liked it. Really liked the music. #wannafight

368 days ago.

RealEstatRyoe The reason that film was called #OnlyGodForgives is because only God could forgive the director for making such a dreadful film!!

368 days ago.

SethLargo My wife said I'm officially not allowed to watch Nicholas Refn movies when she's in the house. "Only God Forgives" was the last straw.

368 days ago.

Elliesha_W So was dead excited to watch a Ryan gosling film, only god forgives.... What the hell just happened the most messed up film ever

368 days ago.

tanukinx オンリー・ゴッドに打ちのめされてうっとりしてる私☆ saw Only God Forgives. such a dope film‼︎

368 days ago.

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