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gelasticturtle A Good Day to Die Hard: I don't expect much in the way of a plot in these movies, but this was awful. #2014NewMovies

449 days ago.

gburneston4 I have to say, as bad as A Good Day to Die Hard was, I still stand fully behind the principle of making more Die Hard movies #DieHard

449 days ago.

The_Finkle @WHMPodcast The clue was "Bald" Has got to be that shiny turd, "A Good Day to Die Hard"

449 days ago.

rptilo Should've won Best Special Effects Oscar. Must be hard making Bruce Willis look virile. Wait, when was Expendable 2 out? #AGoodDayToDieHard

450 days ago.

clariceyong Well, he was also in A Good Day To Die Hard so

450 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interviews Bruce Willis talks about bringing the father-son relationship into the Die Hard franchise and how many more of these movies does he want to do?