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Tweets About Cockneys vs Zombies

dsblackfox @ThePainIsReal Cockneys vs. Zombies was pretty good, too. It's a @Scream_Factory release. Some spectacular shotgun blast kills.

482 days ago.

dsblackfox @ThePainIsReal Watched Cockneys vs. Zombies & Black Xmas today, and I'm currently watching The Funhouse.

482 days ago.

knaealowlde I watched "Cockneys vs Zombies". It was hilarious! wwwww

482 days ago.

rycmr I say that because I just saw the trailer for Cockneys vs Zombies and it looks like if I watched it I'd probably throw up.

483 days ago.

kiwimuslima Just watched "Cockneys vs Zombies". Quite funny, especially the slo-mo chase of zombie after pensioner with walker.

484 days ago.

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