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Tweets About Walking with Dinosaurs

alsinclair23 @LauraTrantTV @alsinclair23 fail! It was a DREADFUL film though - Walking With Dinosaurs. They talked too, with American accents :0s. Zzzz

405 days ago.

jooleroo Just got back from the cinema, saw Walking With Dinosaurs in 3D - just me & H. Good film, nice to have quality 1:2:1 time with H too.

405 days ago.

PatrickVerity Kenneth Branagh just said the words "in a world" on the radio & I was instantly 7 again chain watching Walking with Dinosaurs on grainy VHS

405 days ago.

KayLouiseG_ @mamiekins ye I was maybe thinking that to see walking with dinosaurs or science centre

405 days ago.

lozzadonna So far, I've watched walking with dinosaurs, made paper aeroplanes, catered the breakfast buffet and drunk 2 litres of tea. 6am starts suck!

405 days ago.

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