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Tweets About Conan the Barbarian

JardeO_o @Schwarzenegger @GillianK81 @omaze Just saw the Best Musical Ever! Conan the Barbarian, only music made by live orchestra! Arnold You Rock!

463 days ago.

TheTernes How was this movie such a trainwreck? Make Conan the Barbarian, but with Dolph instead of Schwarzenegger.

463 days ago.

Wikedfun @PMCauthor she's a was like a female Tarzan. Those movies came out around the same time as Conan the barbarian, the Arnie version. I think.

463 days ago.

marcpaters0n @Diversion50 :) Did you ever redo that Conan the Barbarian gag? I loved that.

464 days ago.

Lanhamal Watched the '80s version of Conan the Barbarian with Arnold Schwarzenegger and this mf'er has me wanting to grow my hair out and juice up.

464 days ago.

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