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84% positive
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GreigChristie Why didn't anyone tell me Chris Hemsworth was in CabinInTheWoods

457 days ago.

niccimillsx @LewieT6 I will and I watched the cabin in the woods,apartment 143,sinister,case 39 and I've just started watching the unborn

457 days ago.

newtsgeiszler I just live texted jesse cabin in the woods and I could tell she was laughing add I sent each one

457 days ago.

LiliLostInABook @MVTheBookBabe I love horror movies! I watched cabin in the woods and they don't really explain things till the very end

457 days ago.

MVTheBookBabe I'm such a chicken. But it's not that Cabin in the Woods was scary, it was that I couldn't figure out what was going on.

457 days ago.

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