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KarlaTheCreator Holy why was this movie even in the comedy category on netflix its not even funny

457 days ago.

VibhaSays @Vamsee9002 DITTO! Even I love that movie for the comedy. Prolly the one Nag movie I liked! @notramcguha

458 days ago.

emxxily legit tho there was a Tim heidecker and an Eric weirheim at the comedy club last night - if that's not perf idk wat is

458 days ago.

drugleaf @jndevereux THIS was perfect. have you seen their work outside TV? The Comedy (a movie) was incredible.

458 days ago.

parker_stone13 @TeeGootz it's not just the comedy though like the whole movie like the plot and everything is really good!!!

459 days ago.

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