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92% positive
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sundancefestnow "@LynnSheltonFilm's #YourSistersSister was shot in 10 days. It was a very comfortable 10 days. It was a very successful model." @MarkDuplass

435 days ago.

SorayaRoberts saw #touchyfeely last night. its not my favourite @lynnsheltonfilm (thats #yoursisterssister) but @JoshPais is hard not to love.

436 days ago.

ScottStewart11 Just watched Your Sisters Sister with @MarkDuplass, got to admit that was a pretty ace film!

451 days ago.

cozzamartin95 @Marniegshore she said she was your sisters, sister I'm not sure if her name sorry :/

458 days ago.

Bioniclez #YourSistersSister was a great movie though

478 days ago.

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