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88% positive
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anyyoo @marlenarose15 ya same.. and shes gonna hit on my man! Watch blue lagoon the awakening he's so hot in that movie! Yea that makes sense lol

464 days ago.

CCProductions77 About to watch the awakening.. This movie seems interesting. :)

466 days ago.

itsmeJesper Teacher: have you guys read the awakening? Classmate: I think I watched the movie. T: Read not watch C: No but i watched it with subtitles

466 days ago.

edotwoods @DerekHousman The Awakening, a BBC horror movie we watched on Netflix was pretty good.

466 days ago.

DevourStyles If you haven't seen the movie The Eye or The Awakening then watch them they're so gooood

467 days ago.

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