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70% positive
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abrichards12 @iamstevemartin Just watched The Big Year!! Really entertaining!!!

398 days ago.

JimmyDrama So "The Big Year" was supposed to be a comic goldmine but it wasnt. It had some touching & heart warming scenes though.

399 days ago.

zorb13 Just watched a great movie about #birding #TheBigYear

399 days ago.

waltzingnouis even though so much drama happened in 2012, that was the big year for the boys and i feel like we should all just remember that year

399 days ago.

Finestpreps @PantherLair @Kzovko ok yeah I think that was the year of the McKeesport kids too, def was a down year, 12 was the big year 13 was top heavy

400 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interviews Owen Wilson, Jack Black and Steve Martin talk about filming with a bunch of bird watchers, filming in different locations including the Canadian desert and, um, removing a rattlesnake from Steve's pants.