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59% positive
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sarahshiach I've only watched sad movies today biutiful,silver linings play book,fruitvale station, and the lone survivor. I'm an emotional wreck

401 days ago.

lilschiebs Just watched Biutiful. Don't mind me while I go lie in the fetal position and weep.

401 days ago.

RuthEPlatt So great to see #Biutiful on #Sky. My favourite of all #Innaritu's films and underrated.

401 days ago.

Paatriciamolina @anarosa_mateos oooouhh... os very biutiful lo que see :)) jajajajajajajajajajajajajajjaja you palabras me loveed *.*

404 days ago.

marco_issa @jamiller6565 you should watch biutiful...its much better

404 days ago.

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