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Dinner for Schmucks 100 Days Fandango Review Steve Carell, Jemaine Clement and Zach Galifianikis... Plus Goat Hooves. Here's to the Funny! Despite its somewhat unsavory premise, 'Schmucks' manages to become an amiable, funny and sometimes hilarious summer movie due to the comic talents of powerhouses Steve Carell, Zach Galifianakis and Jemaine Clement. On The Set of "Dinner for Schmucks" Fandango was invited to the Dinner set, where we got to watch the cast film a few hilarious scenes, as well as meet the crazy bunch of dinner guests. Read on for our full report, including interviews with Rudd and Carell… Set Visit Interview: Schmucks' Paul Rudd and Steve Carell Set Visit Preview!