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Terriannryan @joshduhamel @Vikings @PepsiNEXT your new movie scenic route was great little confused at the end but really enjoyed it so thankyou

367 days ago.

houmamiss I just watched movie #ScenicRoute . What a GREAT movie! VERY intense. Watch it everyone! @joshduhamel @mrdanfogler

373 days ago.

kingshowie Just watched "scenic route" staring josh Duhamel weird movie but the ending was unexpected and crazy WOW get a chance catch it on net fliks

373 days ago.

theakuustik Just finished watching Scenic Route (2013). Nothing special at all, but it was worth watching. #ScenicRoute #drama #thriller #movie #evening

375 days ago.

_Kemunto @Weirdsworth Yes. I thought it was passionate. Crawled under my skin like the movie 'Scenic Route' did. Benedict will always be Khan for me.

377 days ago.

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