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Tweets About Hercules (2014)

Joshua Schapiro @TheRock finally got to see Hercules today! Loved it! You are the only actor that if you said you did all those stunts, I would believe you

14 minutes ago.

Jules Silverswag 'Won't Say I'm in Love' played on Pandora & before I knew it I was in the middle of watching Hercules on Netflix. Yes, I do have hw to do✌⚡️

32 minutes ago.

Reggie Riley Divios was 4v1, lived, turned around, whooped that ass, saved teammate's life, dipped. NERF HERCULES PLS!

55 minutes ago.

#SaveAtlantis Oh no did you see what happened to Medusa, Hercules and Jason !! It was so emotional! I cried! This show must continue #saveatlantis -Sophie

59 minutes ago.

Han C. "He was so hot. He made steam look cool." -Hercules @SamWiley_

1 hours ago.

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