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Tweets About Quartet

simon_lindsell Just watched D.Hoffman-directed Quartet - brilliant brilliant brilliant

458 days ago.

Cineamoik Just saw Quartet on DVD. Great film. Much rather watch great old actors than terrible young ones any day. Kudos to director Dustin Hoffman.

466 days ago.

tomdobbie Watched 'Quartet' last night.A lovely film! Excellent performances! Directed by Dustin Hoffman,gorgeous cinematography from John de Borman

481 days ago.

devandclom @betterleftbl_nk Innit, though? Wife and I loved, loved, loved it. You may also like Quartet (Dir: Dustin Hoffman!) which is similar.

483 days ago.

jfioramonti Just watched A Late Quartet and loved it! Music awesome. Christopher Walken brilliant. Phillip Seymore Hoffman always my favourite.

488 days ago.

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