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92% positive
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Niall @a5suzie Hai! In Indonesia the title remains frozen, why you don't watch it? It's amazing disney movie :)

283 days ago.

Skorp @LauraCrVs @Disney @frozen Well, I’ll try to see it with my sis someday, thanks!

283 days ago.

Luna Can't watch frozen wah I need Disney

283 days ago.

Kelly Shannon Too much Frozen. Was this what it was like when other Disney movies came out & I'm too young to remember?

283 days ago.

Krista Holt “@ItsQueenElsa: Have you noticed these hidden disney characters in Frozen? I have noticed repunzel but that was all

283 days ago.

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Exclusive Cast and Crew Interview Exclusive Cast and Crew Interview Fandango sits down with the cool cast and crew of 'Frozen.'