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86% positive
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rachel95920457 Just got back from seeing Hunger games catching fire AGAIN ! It was really good !

456 days ago.

xhutcherbutt @ELECTRASUS she's a ford model and she was an extra from the hunger games hehe

456 days ago.

poeticpimp @jim_johnson24 Kay liked hunger games. She said "Jennifer Lawrence does it for me" filth!

456 days ago.

Fifamike88 @OMGitsAliA just watched all your minecraft hunger games l, I quit minecraft ages ago but watching them vids has got me back into it :)

456 days ago.

kaylaj4ne Finally saw catching fire, screw you hunger games

456 days ago.

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Movie Guide The Hunger Games Movie Guide Everything you need to know to get yourself ready for The Hunger Games movie! World Premiere Black Carpet Interviews Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth and the rest of the cast stop by to chat about this spring's biggest movie.