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Tweets About How to Train Your Dragon 2

TJ I went on Tumblr for a bit and there was just sad httyd2 posts so i was like nope going to go read bridget jones more

3 hours ago.

☆ディット☆ @ASTRlDHOFFERSON You mean on the second film, or on overall? I haven't watched HTTYD2 yet, just saying;;

5 hours ago.

Luca Dragoni Just saw #HTTYD2 ! FANTASTIC MOVIE! Really enjoyed it

6 hours ago.

Rivkah Winter As soon as I saw Valka in HTTYD2 I wanted to make that costume. But idk it would be my first cosplay, & that is difficult looking.

8 hours ago.

Tara Just saw a bilboard for httyd2 which is clearly months old because it says it came out mid june. . . .

10 hours ago.