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Tweets About How to Train Your Dragon 2

Actual Bambina Wario i just watched httyd2 since my mom never saw it and i just *clenches fist* stoic

7 hours ago.

David Stanczyk Next film on the backlog How To Train Your Dragon 2. I liked the first one a good amount I assume the same with this one. Hopefully #HTTYD2

9 hours ago.

emma Watched HTTYD2 on the plane but the audio quality was terrible;; had to guess half the dialogue OTL

10 hours ago.

Katlyn Ward Just watched how to train your dragon 2 & yes I cried. #cutemovie #toothless #howtotrainyourdragon2 ☺️❤️

10 hours ago.

Homura Akemi i watched httyd2 a few days ago and it was great

12 hours ago.