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91% positive
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DeanaXburke Dream House was on in the background and seriously...Daniel Craig's character in that film is so sexy. Nothing is hotter than a good dad.

429 days ago.

iainhart81 Just watched dream house starring Daniel Craig and Rachel weisz very strange good film none the less.

454 days ago.

OliviaMerkley Dream House has to be one of the saddest movies. Never have watched a movie with such a great plot twist. Starring Daniel Craig

478 days ago.

Baer1961 Saw just Dream House with Daniel Craig. A very good movie with an amazing end.. And now I'm watching Woman In Black with Daniel Radcliffe XD

482 days ago.

MissMountjoy Watched Dream House last night, the Daniel Craig film. Was very good, lots of twists & turns. 4/5 from me.

501 days ago.

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