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Tweets About Parkland

alyshiagates Police say 23 yr old Korean woman murdered near CBD parkland on her way to cleaning job was NOT robbed or sexually assaulted @9NewsBrisbane

509 days ago.

cliffagogo Watched Parkland AND Killing Kennedy this weekend... But nothing is as powerful or poignant as Pete Milligan's Shade The Changing Man #2

509 days ago.

FilmBen Just seen Parkland for the @YorkerArts, read my thoughts soon, but if you think I thought it was good or bad, your wrong. #JFK #cryptic

509 days ago.

__tonioooo “@ayooded: Didn't I say Tabor was gone get in North ass? Am I right or wrong?” Was u saying that cos North beat Parkland?

510 days ago.

harriet_394 Was hoping to see Catching Fire&Parkland this weekend...but Parkland isn't on at crewe, newcastle or stoke;why ruin my perfect weekend WHY:(

510 days ago.

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