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98% positive
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Dragoture Thanks Film interpretation for making me watch Monsieur Lazhar and ruining my life with how beautifully sad and touching it was T_T

407 days ago.

ElmoreLTM @misshimalaya saw Canadian film think you'd like. Monsieur Lazhar. Sad but lovely. Superb child cast.

407 days ago.

bfhousman @gwfaa Yeah, was afraid of that. I tend to like the melancholy ones. Monsieur Lazhar, Shun Li and the Poet, & Heartlands are a few others.

408 days ago.

LoveSkyStealer @Steal_The_Sky oh and I watched over a half of monsieur lazhar!! Although it was not hd and all, but sophie is wonderful!!! :D

408 days ago.

kawaiiLovely Oh hey, it's Sophie Nelisse! She was so young in Monsieur Lazhar :3

415 days ago.