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Tweets About The To Do List

sammyeager Just watched #thetodolist and I am so embarrassed for that girl. I mean I know it's a movie but.

463 days ago.

Dalvin77 @evilhag Just watched #thetodolist on @VerizonFiOS. Amazing JOB! Can't get enough of the 90's!! Got2 have this flick in my collection.

463 days ago.

PamRongen Someone ever watched the 'to-do-list' movie? It's..... one of a kind..

464 days ago.

sarah_lasky Finally watched #thetodolist and @evilhag was genius. Nice to have a chick flick that was more funny than love story. Watch it!

465 days ago.

mhagesoriano Saw and heard familiar faces and music in The To Do List movie. Sex is a big deal but it's also not a big deal. It's a gift, it's a choice.

465 days ago.

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