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94% positive
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dahliiia @l0tsofmeth there's a movie on netflix called "the bay" and I was about to add it to my story on snapchat saying "with the bae" hahha

366 days ago.

silviaaaaxo @nickisvedee seriously it was the saddest freaking thing. im watching a movie called the bay now cause i literally have nothing else

366 days ago.

CantoComix @ColleenFrakes @andsoluke @thesnowybiscuit @SaltyRound The Bay was pretty alright! Not really a nautical horror movie, though.

366 days ago.

trevorvonryan Just saw Michelangelo's design in the Bay TMNT movie... So gross... They have lips and noses. My poor childhood!

367 days ago.

Bellayella0604 Wow!! Finally watched Fruitvale Station & it was amazinggg! Being from the bay, @michaelb4jordan did his thang!!! Great movie

367 days ago.

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