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Ali Ansari @NoManIsPerfekt I wouldn't agree with you here pal. #TransformersAgeOfExtinction was awesome ;)

3 hours ago.

Ali Ansari #EPIC I LOVED watching #TransformersAgeOfExtinction, I love that #chick, oh and yeah u were awesome #MarkWahlberg. Very cool #movie

3 hours ago.

Rebecca Gober Finally watched the new Transformers! Loved it! #TransformersAgeOfExtinction #markwahlberg is amazing!

9 hours ago.

Geø Teknø I finally saw the latest #TransformersAgeOfExtinction and it was pretty good!

9 hours ago.

Justine Carter I now have a HD blue ray rip of Transformers 4. Oh buddy you think I watched it a lot before.. Look out #bringit #ageofextinction #love ❤️

9 hours ago.

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