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95% positive
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ConorMJG I've become obsessed with Scandinavian crime films, watched 'A Somewhat Gentle Man' last night, great film. 'Jar City' or 'snabba cash' next

219 days ago.

whoisthebaldguy finally watched a good movie: "Easy Money" (Sweden) - directed by Daniel Espinosa. best movie I've seen since Headhunters (Norvay) last year

220 days ago.

Brandi_Ashley Trevor & Cameron are the easiest kids to babysit. We ordered Giovanni's, watched a movie, & they're now playing video games. #easymoney

222 days ago.

shannonelliff Just watched Easy Money - oooya what a film!

242 days ago.

Toernis @Frowzytwo Heyy saw what I wrote on fb? Last Snabba Cash movie came out and I watched it. :O

244 days ago.

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