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VitesseChelsea @FutbolAmber He was a great goalkeeper before leaving to Hercules Allicante, but never came back at that level after his return.

57 minutes ago.

Mel @wally_hamm @The2ndComingAK @Hercules_Fork Oh yeah. Was talking to somebody in same position as you last nt. Should allow adults to secure

1 hours ago.

Carl Brown Watched Hercules (the Rock version) last night. Enjoyed it, it's an okay film but real value for me = really inspiring for wargaming. :)

1 hours ago.

Brayden™ The rock as Hercules is great, the role was made for him. @TheRock

1 hours ago.

Cagnetevi Dossinonci @The2ndComingAK @MellesBellesMcr Same here. If it was a business other than sport, clowns at the top would be out & not just the manager.

1 hours ago.

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