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lenalena2614 Watched the Conjuring last night after work & it was great! If you haven't saw it I advice you to!

169 days ago.

Clairesavoca @BJigg The Conjuring! It was scary awesome!

169 days ago.

AlliBennington Watching the conjuring right before Halloween was a really, really bad idea. #stillscared

169 days ago.

MOS182 The Conjuring was pretty freaky

169 days ago.

frvrenchancer I remember when I was so disappointed on The Conjuring like fck

169 days ago.

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Set Visit 5 Terrifying (and True) Facts We Learned on the Set of 'The Conjuring' We visited the North Carolina set of James Wan's new haunted-house horror The Conjuring. You'll be shocked to find out what we learned. Stars Talk Ghosts and More in Exclusive Cast Interviews Patrick Wilson, Ron Linvingston, Vera Farmiga and Lili Taylor talk just how true the movie is, meeting the real people it's based on and their most freaked out moment.