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Tweets About Transformers: Age of Extinction

Daniel Sanders Watched #TransformersAgeofExtinction... meh... still think the 80's #TransformersAnimated movie is WAY the best!

1 hours ago.

Ben Stroup #TransformersAgeofExtinction was dope af. That movie had me so hyped, I loved it. Nothing else to say on the subject.

5 hours ago.

Tavis Highfill Honestler? #TransformersAgeofExtinction was actually probably the best one. I never thought I'd say it.

9 hours ago.

Michael McCrudden Tonight I watched #Transformers #AgeOfExtinction and if that film doesn't make the franchise #Extinct I have lost faith in #Hollywood

1 days ago.

Josh Kendall Cascio Here are TFCU Phase 1 was #Transformers,#RevengeofTheFallen,#DarkofTheMoon, & #AgeofExtinction.

1 days ago.

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