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Tweets About Byzantium

norman_myers Watched Byzantium tonight. Really loved it. Slow, but it held my attention the entire time.

456 days ago.

GreyjoyDivision Was Byzantium in the Middle east or Europe? Hmmmmmmm, Re-enactor questions.

456 days ago.

AdamHargreaves5 @saoirse_ronan Just finished watching How I live now, absolutely loved it! Watched Byzantium last week and loved it too!

456 days ago.

juicylucicles Saoirse Ronan was just sneaked up on in Byzantium. I feel like turning it off in disgust.

456 days ago.

TomBevan Just watched Byzantium, which though it got Lukewarm reviews I thoroughly enjoyed (plus: Gemma Arterton).

456 days ago.

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