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88% positive
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88% positive
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hssnnrdn Roger Fe8eder falls to no.8 in ATP ranking. Last time he was that low, the megaship Titanic was still in construction.

81 days ago.

buffaleen12 I'm officially naming my daughter Rose not only for Titanic but also because it was the name of my first horn and it just needs to happen

81 days ago.

WilsonLawd15 In the movie 'Titanic' why was there only like 3 Irish people in it! It was built in Belfast like! #ILoveTitanic

81 days ago.

Kwisti_Kwab I told my self that I was going to watch the Titanic tonight but that's SUCH a huge commitment.

81 days ago.

FlustinZimmermn The Titanic never happened...it was just a story made up by the government to hide the planning of 9/11

81 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interviews from London! James Cameron and the cast talks about originally making the "chick flick where everybody dies."