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57% positive
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evetimi Just watched Shark night 3D

473 days ago.

taylorhilling_ Like, come on. We went and saw Shark Night 3D and I was actually paying attention to it....

479 days ago.

writingisfunxo @shaynaweber ive seen the trailer. It looks like it rains sharks thats about as low budget as u can get. Shark night 3D was more realistic

510 days ago.

sweetlprodz @FragilexDesires No I think it was from Shark Night 3D xD Omg then some other pictures popped up, it was the worst xD

513 days ago.

AndyHerren Movies I have gone to alone: Sorority Row, Joyful Noise, RV, Saw IV, Shark Night 3D. And I wonder why I'm single...

522 days ago.

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