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Tweets About How to Train Your Dragon 2

Valon Niles @DeanDeBlois Hello Mr. DeBlois! I was watching HTTYD2 (awesome) and I was wondering what happned to Spitelout after Drago's attack on Berk?

8 minutes ago.

Sophie I just heard the future daughter in law part in #HTTYD2 and the noise I made was slightly inhuman.

17 minutes ago.

Jolo Dimaano One of the best films I've watched so far #HowToTrainYourDragon2

2 hours ago.

Jen Fulmer Finally saw HTTYD2 and it was omgsogood.

3 hours ago.

☆★☆ httyd2 was so GOOD if you never got to see it you need to watch it right now

3 hours ago.