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dylanjcondon @AJManas I loved you in the Avatar movie

456 days ago.

bing_o I want to watch Avatar The Last Airbender again. I really liked that show.

456 days ago.

TheFansPodcast Rey must of watched Avatar today. #SmackDown

456 days ago.

aaronmentele @fanelli a thousand apologies. I saw @luxuryluke's avatar and thought it was you. @joerinaldi and @wiseacre are confirmed, though.

456 days ago.

splatteredjelly @bswhiteboy well tbh I've never watched avatar so I'm sticking with marshmallow

456 days ago.

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Avatar Returns to Theaters 'Avatar' Heading Back to Theaters -- Will You See It? Guess who’s baaaaack? If you somehow haven’t managed to get your fill of James Cameron’s 'Avatar' yet, then carve out some time around August 27th. Exclusive Cast Video Interviews Director James Cameron and Sam Worthington talk about what it was like on the set of 'Avatar!' Exclusive Premiere Video Interviews Check out our 'Movie Aliens: From E.T. to Avatar' photo gallery!